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Your tour guide in the French Basque Country

I am an official tour guide (Carte Professionnelle n°GC1764001) born in Madrid (Spain) but living in Bayonne (French Basque Country).

I am graduated in Tourism (Universidad de Alcala de Henares) and Social Sciences (Universidad Oberta de Catalunya), and I have postgraduate studies in Management of Cultural Itineraries (Universidad de Barcelona),  Historical Research (Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour) and the diploma "Tour Guide of the Basque Country" (Agence Uliss of Biarritz).


Travelling has been always my passion, and after working a couple of years in the marketing department of a tourism company in Spain I decided to discover the world while working in different countries. That was 15 years ago and since then I have been leaving and working in countries like Iceland, Mexico, Greece, Guatemala, always in projects related with cultural tourism, sustainable tourism, and tourism development.


7 years ago I arrived in France and it was here where I discovered that sharing my passions for history, traditions, gastronomy, and local cultures in a funny and educational way with foreign visitors was my thing.​

The French Basque Country amazed me since the beginning and keep on surprising me every day. A millenary culture still alive and ready to be discovered. A pre-Indoeuropean language still spoken on site. A delightful gastronomy with plenty of tasty products made and grown locally. Stunning nature and human landscapes that resisted the passage of time. Historical monuments and sites combined with thrilling cities and towns. Ocean, mountains, culture, and gastronomy in the same destination.And moreover, the uniqueness of the Basque Culture that makes this destination the one of a kind.


During my visits, I make my best to offer what I always like to find myself while on a trip: a personalized and human service, an honest and genuine interest for the satisfaction of my customers and the Basque and French cultures and a lot of will and passion for creating great tour experiences.

I am looking forward to having you in one of my tours soon!

Kind regards,

Juan Carlos de Barutell Suquet

Guía turístico País Vasco Francés
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